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Who Hosts Uk Carp Tech?

Tickets Sold: 25205 / 99999
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The Main Draw Is A RT7 Bait Boat With Auto Pilot & Tablet!

Plus There Is 750 Instant Wins Bringing This Prize Total To £75,000!

We haven’t done one of these competitions for a long time so we have gone bigger then ever with the instant win prizes! This is one not to be missed!

Remember EVERY ticket you purchase enters you into the end draw for the RT7 and we wish you all the best of luck on winning INSTANTLY at the checkout before the main draw is even done!

ALL our instant win competitions UPDATE in REAL-TIME. If you match ANY of the ticket numbers below when you checkout you will be emailed instantly letting you know you have won a prize! If there is no name next to a prize below then its still there available to be won go take a look good luck!

Instant Wins
Ticket No.PrizeWinner
494⭐RT7 Bait Boats Or £1690 Cash
1011⭐3 x Shimano Tech Mag Reels Or £1600 Cash
1460⭐3 x Daiwa Basia 45 SLD Reels Or £1530 Cash
3420⭐£1000 Tax Free Cash
3556⭐ Nash Trax Power Barrow Or £850 Cash
3712⭐3 x Shimano Power Aero XTB Reels Or £820 Cash
5328⭐Trakker Tempest RS 100 Bivvy Or £680 Cash
5457⭐3 x Daiwa 23 Emblem 45 SCW Reels Or £600 Cash
7414⭐Fox RX 3 Rod Presentations Or £500 Cash
7831⭐Nash Indulgence MF60 5 Season Sleep System Or £450 Cash
10133⭐ND 2 Bait Boat Or £550 Cash
11144⭐Trakker Levelite MF-HDR Sleep System
11377⭐RidgeMonkey Hunter 750 Bait Boat Or £450 Cash
13689⭐Nash Siren R4 3 Rod Set
15351⭐3 x Nash 10ft Scope Rods (Cork) Or £450 Cash
15383⭐3 x Fox 14000 XC Reels Or £430 Cash
15632⭐£500 Korda Tackle Bundle
17629⭐DJI Mini SE Drone
17956⭐Canon EOS 2000D DLSR Camera
19625⭐£500 Korda Tackle Bundle
20842⭐50kg Bait Bundle Of Your Choice
21079⭐Trakker RS Brolly System
22628⭐3 x Daiwa X45 M Carp Rods Or £620 Cash
22742⭐Future Carping Intrepid Bait Boat Or £425 Cash
22881⭐£500 Site Credit
24045⭐Fox Frontier Bivvy Or £420 Cash
24916⭐Fox Flatliner 8 Leg 5 Season Sleep System
25446⭐Fox Duralite 5 Season Sleep System
26077⭐Trakker DB7 Alarms & Receiver Set
30675⭐Deeper Chirp 2
31715⭐3 x Daiwa Crosscast 45 SCW QD Reels Or £260 Cash
35625⭐Fox Transporter Barrow
41815⭐Sonik Gizmo2 3 Rod Set & Bivvy Light
42860⭐Fox Frontier Lite
43679⭐Solar P1 Bow Loc Landing Net
44331⭐Fox R-Series Brolly System
46724⭐Nash Bushwhacker Baiting Pole
50097⭐Nash Bushwhacker Baiting Pole
51314⭐Fox Mini Micron X 3 Rod Set
55047⭐Nash Indulgence Hi Back Recliner Chair
56416⭐Nash Camo Emperor Chair
61062⭐Fox EOS 60" Brolly System
61151⭐Nash Scope Landing Net
64365⭐Sonik SK-Tek 1 Man Bivvy
64957⭐Prologic C-Series Pro Alarms & Receiver
65229Trakker T1 Retention Sling ⭐
65420£50 Mystery Box⭐
65638Fox Digital Scales ⭐
65697NGT Shelf Take Tripod Kit ⭐
65897Wolf Voltair Fan & Power Bank ⭐
65909NGT 21 USB Light & Power Bank ⭐
66520Trakker T1 Retention Sling ⭐
66563Wolf Compact Porta Loo ⭐
66581Corus 18m Baiting Pole ⭐
67382OMC Cool Tool ⭐
67886Avid Carp Revive Unhooking Matt ⭐
68612Reuben Heaton Team England Scales ⭐
68899Nash Tackle Weigh Sling ⭐
69816Trakker T1 Retention Sling⭐
69817Nash TT Rig Testing Station⭐
69864Ridge Monkey Boilie Crusher⭐
70728Wolf Voltair Fan & Power Bank⭐
70793Nash Weigh Tripod⭐
71037Trakker Weigh Tripod⭐
71569Reuben Heaton Team England Scales⭐
72744RidgeMonkey Armoury Lite Tackle Box⭐
72837Ridge Monkey Boilie Crusher⭐
73374Nash Tackle Weigh Sling⭐
74567Reuben Heaton Team England Scales⭐
74571Carp Life Multi Needle⭐
75128Trakker N2 Chest Waders⭐
75318Trakker RLX Bedchair Seat⭐
75808RidgeMonkey Armoury Lite Tackle Box⭐
76009Wolf Compact Porta Loo⭐
77302Carp Life Multi Needle⭐
78314OMC Fade Chopstix PVA Mesh System⭐
78664Trakker N2 Chest Waders⭐
79398Trakker N2 Chest Waders⭐
80212Corus 18m Baiting Pole⭐
80250Nash TT Rig Testing Station⭐
80700Korda Digital Scales⭐
80944Trakker Optics Monocular 10x42⭐
81102Nash Tackle 3 Rod Pod⭐
81146Korda Basix Distance Sticks⭐
81337Trakker T1 Retention Sling⭐
81365OMC Fade Chopstix PVA Mesh System⭐
81545Carp Life Multi Needle⭐
81554Carp Life Bird Torch⭐
81896Korda Basix Distance Sticks⭐
82158Nash Tackle 3 Rod Pod⭐
83720Nash Weigh Tripod⭐
83797Fox Bivvy Table⭐
83816Korda Basix Distance Sticks⭐
86141Carp Life Multi Needle⭐
86286OMC Cool Tool⭐
86366Fox Bivvy Table⭐
86433Fox Brew Kit⭐
86916Nash Weigh Tripod⭐
87742Nash Weigh Tripod⭐
878493kg Sticky Krill 16mm Boilies⭐
87951Fox Digital Scales⭐
87981Nash Weigh Tripod⭐
88156Sonik Vader X RS 8000 Spod Reel⭐
88204Fox Digital Scales⭐
88370Trakker N2 Chest Waders⭐
88704Korda Digital Scales⭐
88772Avid Carp Bivvy Organiser⭐
89633£50 Mystery Box⭐
89867Nash Weigh Tripod⭐
89896Carp Life Multi Needle⭐
90255Ridge Monkey Toilet⭐
90571OMC Fade Chopstix PVA Mesh System⭐
90599Ridge Monkey Toilet⭐
90819Ridge Monkey Stove Pro Mini⭐
91077OMC Fade Chopstix PVA Mesh System⭐
91259Korda Basix Distance Sticks⭐
91632Trakker Optics Monocular 10x42⭐
91672Corus 18m Baiting Pole⭐
91745Nash Tackle 3 Rod Pod⭐
91777Trakker N2 Chest Waders⭐
92329Actor Bait Boat⭐
92640Carp Life Bird Torch⭐
92753Ridge Monkey Stove Pro Mini⭐
94522Ridge Monkey Stove Pro Mini⭐
94721Nash Tackle 3 Rod Pod⭐
95057Actor Bait Boat⭐
95480Sonik Vader X RS 8000 Spod Reel⭐
95612Korda Compac Duffel Bag⭐
95703Wolf Voltair Fan & Power Bank⭐
96052Wolf Voltair Fan & Power Bank⭐
96151Trakker RLX Bedchair Seat⭐
97213Trakker Optics Monocular 10x42⭐
97441Nash Weigh Tripod⭐
97561Korda Compac Duffel Bag⭐
97807Wolf Voltair Fan & Power Bank⭐
98867Fox Brew Kit⭐
98936Fox Bivvy Table⭐
99447Trakker N2 Chest Waders⭐
99570Wolf Compact Porta Loo⭐
65007Parker Baits Sample Pack & Sticker Pack
65038£10 Site Credit
65080Trakker Power Flo Tap
65094£10 Site Credit
65145Fox Edge Tool Set
65300£10 Site Credit
65315£10 Site Credit
65352£10 Site Credit
65588Parker Baits Sample Pack & Sticker Pack
65593£10 Site Credit
656171 x Smidge Mosquito Repellent
65759RidgeMonkey Multi Charge Cable 2M
65793Parker Baits Any 5 Flat Spots Bundle
65798ESP Boilie Pult
658041 x CC Moore NS1 Pop Ups
65926£10 Site Credit
66031Trakker Power Flo Tap
66083Trakker USB Bivvy Fan
66206£10 Site Credit
66214Fortis Reece Compac Umbrella
66349Trakker Armolife BBQ
66500NGT 21 USB Light & Power Bank
66540Wolf PowerBeam 150 Headtorch
665671 x Korda Kamakura Hooks
66570£10 Site Credit
66584£20 AD Egift Card
66745£10 Site Credit
66773£5 Site Credit
66985Korda Wraps Sun Glasses
67052£10 Site Credit
67148Carp Life Multi Needle
67212Trakker USB Bivvy Fan
672581kg DNA Bug Pellets
67361Korda Basix Distance Sticks
67506Korda Carp Care Kit
67539Ridge Monkey 10L Collapsible Bucket
67596Nash Moonshine Microlite Headtorch
67665Trakker USB Bivvy Fan
67838£10 Site Credit
67851£10 Site Credit
67999Trakker Power Flo Tap
68067Korda Wraps Sun Glasses
68133Ridge Monkey 10L Collapsible Bucket
68261Parker Baits Any 5 Flat Spots Bundle
68296£10 Site Credit
68386£10 Site Credit
68440£5 Site Credit
686201 x Mainline Smart Liquid
68636Fox Marker Wrap Sticks
68644Fox Camo Bivvy Matt
68733£5 Site Credit
68751£10 Site Credit
688041 x Mainline Smart Liquid
68836RidgeMonkey Armoury Lite Tackle Box
68905Parker Baits Sample Pack & Sticker Pack
68944NGT Shelf Take Tripod Kit
68974Korda Wraps Sun Glasses
69087£5 Site Credit
69174£10 Site Credit
69219Wolf PowerBeam 150 Headtorch
69269£10 Site Credit
694561kg CC Moore Pro Stim Liver Pellet
69588NGT Shelf Take Tripod Kit
69640Trakker Power Flo Tap
69650RidgeMonkey Armoury Lite Tackle Box
69694Wolf PowerBeam 150 Headtorch
698604kg Mainline Zig Mix
69890£10 Site Credit
70027£5 Site Credit
700631 x CC Moore NS1 Pop Ups
70155Wolf Mozzi Zappa
70227£10 Site Credit
70252£5 Site Credit
70308£5 Site Credit
70557Nash Logic Tackle Box Medium
70631Fox Stove Windsheild XL
70661Parker Baits Day Session Pack
70711£10 Site Credit
7085510 x Korda Pre Tied Rigs
70931RidgeMonkey Multi Charge Cable 2M
71216Fortis Reece Compac Umbrella
712431 x Mainline Smart Liquid
71251£20 AD Egift Card
713682 x Korda Goo's
71457£5 Site Credit
71466£5 Site Credit
715511 x Smidge Mosquito Repellent
71873Ridge Monkey SQ DLX Plate Set
72150£10 Site Credit
72154Fortis Polarised Phone Filter
72188£5 Site Credit
72333Ridge Monkey SQ DLX Plate Set
723632 x Korda Goo's
725211kg CC Moore Pro Stim Liver Pellet
72565£10 Site Credit
72687Ridge Monkey 10L Collapsible Bucket
72701£10 Site Credit
72722Carp Life Multi Needle
72789Fox Edge Tool Set
72862£10 Site Credit
72969Korda Wraps Sun Glasses
72975£5 Site Credit
72995Trakker USB Bivvy Fan
732171 x Korda Kamakura Hooks
73219£10 Site Credit
73262Wolf Mozzi Zappa
73291CC Moore Yellow Halo Liquid
73303Fortis Polarised Phone Filter
73392Fortis Polarised Phone Filter
73464Wolf PowerBeam 150 Headtorch
73507£5 Site Credit
73520£10 Site Credit
735661 x Mainline Smart Liquid
73605Fortis Reece Compac Umbrella
73849Wolf PowerBeam 150 Headtorch
73951NGT 21 USB Light & Power Bank
739531kg CC Moore Pro Stim Liver Pellet
73966NGT 21 USB Light & Power Bank
74008RidgeMonkey Armoury Lite Tackle Box
74124Trakker Power Flo Tap
741593kg Sticky Krill 16mm Boilies
74177Solar Tackle Hotspot Heat Cushion
743871kg CC Moore Pro Stim Liver Pellet
74440£10 Site Credit
74456Wolf PowerBeam 150 Headtorch
74484OMC Cool Tool
74602Fox Edge Tool Set
747041 x CC Moore NS1 Pop Ups
74966£10 Site Credit
75053ESP Boilie Pult
751034kg Mainline Zig Mix
751891kg DNA Bug Pellets
752251 x Korda Kamakura Hooks
75246£5 Site Credit
752611kg DNA Bug Pellets
75332£10 Site Credit
754431kg DNA Bug Pellets
75724£10 Site Credit
75734£10 Site Credit
75752£5 Site Credit
758471 x Korda Kamakura Hooks
75939£5 Site Credit
76107Korda Medium Zig Kit
76221Korda Wraps Sun Glasses
76349Trakker Armolife BBQ
76390Trakker 8" Peg Set Of 10
76445£10 Site Credit
76606£10 Site Credit
76665£5 Site Credit
76738£5 Site Credit
76839£10 Site Credit
76849Korda Compac Duffel Bag
76859£10 Site Credit
769221kg CC Moore Pro Stim Liver Pellet
770261 x Korda Kamakura Hooks
7713210 x Korda Pre Tied Rigs
77255£5 Site Credit
77265£5 Site Credit
77329£5 Site Credit
77453Fox Marker Wrap Sticks
77600£5 Site Credit
77727£20 AD Egift Card
77765Trakker Power Flo Tap
77847£50 Mystery Box
77899Ridge Monkey 10L Collapsible Bucket
77989CC Moore Yellow Halo Liquid
78114£5 Site Credit
78209£10 Site Credit
782114kg Mainline Zig Mix
782201 x Mainline Smart Liquid
78255ESP Boilie Pult
78287£5 Site Credit
78324Fox Stove Windsheild XL
78376RidgeMonkey Multi Charge Cable 2M
78510£10 Site Credit
78529Nash Logic Tackle Box Medium
78575£10 Site Credit
78579CC Moore Yellow Halo Liquid
785901 x Smidge Mosquito Repellent
78595£5 Site Credit
78747£10 Site Credit
78814Fox Edge Tool Set
79158£10 Site Credit
79284£5 Site Credit
79310RidgeMonkey Hot Water Bottle XL
79456£5 Site Credit
79507£10 Site Credit
79594Fortis Reece Compac Umbrella
79597Korda Medium Zig Kit
79682Ridge Monkey 10L Collapsible Bucket
79810£5 Site Credit
79916£5 Site Credit
79988£10 Site Credit
801261kg DNA Bug Pellets
80161Parker Baits Super Charged Hookbaits Bundle
80180£5 Site Credit
80310Wolf Mozzi Zappa
803182 x Korda Goo's
80570Nash Logic Tackle Box Medium
80591Solar Tackle Hotspot Heat Cushion
80598Fortis Polarised Phone Filter
80602Nash Moonshine Microlite Headtorch
80655Fox Camolite Pillow
80769Parker Baits Sample Pack & Sticker Pack
809451 x Korda Kamakura Hooks
81047Nash Moonshine Microlite Headtorch
81082£5 Site Credit
814101 x Mainline Smart Liquid
81596£5 Site Credit
81612£10 Site Credit
81703£5 Site Credit
818551kg CC Moore Pro Stim Liver Pellet
81877RidgeMonkey Multi Charge Cable 2M
81978Korda Wraps Sun Glasses
82137£10 Site Credit
82157Nash Moonshine Microlite Headtorch
82164£10 Site Credit
82230£10 Site Credit
82258CC Moore Yellow Halo Liquid
82366ESP Boilie Pult
823891kg CC Moore Pro Stim Liver Pellet
82469£5 Site Credit
82643Korda Wraps Sun Glasses
82715£5 Site Credit
82747Fox Camo Bivvy Matt
82821Trakker USB Bivvy Fan
83003Korda Dark Kamo Cookware Bag
83071£5 Site Credit
83224£20 AD Egift Card
83256Fox Edge Tool Set
83762Wolf Mozzi Zappa
83796£10 Site Credit
83865£10 Site Credit
841061 x Smidge Mosquito Repellent
84248£5 Site Credit
84335NGT 21 USB Light & Power Bank
84339Korda Wraps Sun Glasses
84443Fox Camo Bivvy Matt
84566Korda Dark Kamo Cookware Bag
84729CC Moore Yellow Halo Liquid
847631 x Korda Kamakura Hooks
84780Korda Medium Zig Kit
847871 x Smidge Mosquito Repellent
84789RidgeMonkey Multi Charge Cable 2M
850914kg Mainline Zig Mix
852722 x Korda Goo's
85283£5 Site Credit
85342Ridge Monkey 10L Collapsible Bucket
85355CC Moore Yellow Halo Liquid
85386£10 Site Credit
85422Korda Carp Care Kit
854621kg DNA Bug Pellets
85515£10 Site Credit
85626Wolf Mozzi Zappa
85678NGT Shelf Take Tripod Kit
85811£10 Site Credit
85832Parker Baits Day Session Pack
85967Fortis Reece Compac Umbrella
86036Trakker 8" Peg Set Of 10
86292£5 Site Credit
86369£20 AD Egift Card
86473£10 Site Credit
86490Fox Camo Bivvy Matt
86497£5 Site Credit
86513£5 Site Credit
86566Parker Baits Super Charged Hookbaits Bundle
86623Korda Wraps Sun Glasses
86632£10 Site Credit
86728Trakker USB Bivvy Fan
86808Trakker Power Flo Tap
87205£5 Site Credit
87315£5 Site Credit
87445£5 Site Credit
876724kg Mainline Zig Mix
87674£5 Site Credit
87787£10 Site Credit
88085Trakker Power Flo Tap
88250Fortis Polarised Phone Filter
88325Fox Marker Wrap Sticks
88357Nash 5L Water Container
88412Korda Dark Kamo Cookware Bag
88448Trakker USB Bivvy Fan
88739Trakker Power Flo Tap
888261 x Korda Kamakura Hooks
88872£10 Site Credit
88964Fox Camo Bivvy Matt
89088RidgeMonkey Multi Charge Cable 2M
89162£5 Site Credit
89193£5 Site Credit
89562CC Moore Yellow Halo Liquid
89614£20 AD Egift Card
89647Parker Baits Any 5 Flat Spots Bundle
89691£5 Site Credit
89706Fox Marker Wrap Sticks
89769Solar Tackle Hotspot Heat Cushion
898791 x Korda Kamakura Hooks
900681kg CC Moore Pro Stim Liver Pellet
90122Fox Bivvy Table
90191£5 Site Credit
902331kg CC Moore Pro Stim Liver Pellet
90359£5 Site Credit
90426Korda Medium Zig Kit
90836£5 Site Credit
90909£5 Site Credit
90917Wolf PowerBeam 150 Headtorch
90934Parker Baits Any 5 Flat Spots Bundle
90964£5 Site Credit
91126£5 Site Credit
91181Trakker Power Flo Tap
91301Fox Stove Windsheild XL
91342Wolf PowerBeam 150 Headtorch
91493Nash Moonshine Microlite Headtorch
91519Fortis Polarised Phone Filter
91685£10 Site Credit
91725£5 Site Credit
91819£5 Site Credit
91940Wolf PowerBeam 150 Headtorch
92051Fox Stove Windsheild XL
92157£5 Site Credit
921784kg Mainline Zig Mix
92323£5 Site Credit
92346£5 Site Credit
92430Fox Stove Windsheild XL
92534£10 Site Credit
92606Ridge Monkey SQ DLX Plate Set
92648£5 Site Credit
92669Trakker Armolife BBQ
926771 x Mainline Smart Liquid
92782Solar Tackle Hotspot Heat Cushion
92914£5 Site Credit
92959£10 Site Credit
92995RidgeMonkey Multi Charge Cable 2M
93054£10 Site Credit
93114Parker Baits Sample Pack & Sticker Pack
93459£5 Site Credit
93508£5 Site Credit
93566Parker Baits Super Charged Hookbaits Bundle
93764Wolf Mozzi Zappa
937791 x CC Moore NS1 Pop Ups
93862Parker Baits Super Charged Hookbaits Bundle
93966Parker Baits Sample Pack & Sticker Pack
94001Trakker 8" Peg Set Of 10
94026£5 Site Credit
94045£10 Site Credit
94078£10 Site Credit
94249£10 Site Credit
942621 x Mainline Smart Liquid
94279Korda Carp Care Kit
94340Nash Moonshine Microlite Headtorch
94375£20 AD Egift Card
94396£5 Site Credit
94608Korda Carp Care Kit
946313kg Sticky Krill 16mm Boilies
94664Fortis Polarised Phone Filter
94725Nash Logic Tackle Box Medium
94792£10 Site Credit
94815Nash Moonshine Microlite Headtorch
94854Korda Medium Zig Kit
94943£5 Site Credit
95056£5 Site Credit
95138£10 Site Credit
95155Korda Carp Care Kit
95167Nash 5L Water Container
95233Wolf Mozzi Zappa
954634kg Mainline Zig Mix
95542£5 Site Credit
957701 x Mainline Smart Liquid
95784Nash Moonshine Microlite Headtorch
95853RidgeMonkey Hot Water Bottle XL
95875Trakker Power Flo Tap
959841kg DNA Bug Pellets
95994£10 Site Credit
96018£5 Site Credit
96209£5 Site Credit
96264£10 Site Credit
96306Fox Camolite Pillow
96420Ridge Monkey 10L Collapsible Bucket
96441Nash Moonshine Microlite Headtorch
96597CC Moore Yellow Halo Liquid
96668£5 Site Credit
967611kg DNA Bug Pellets
96774Nash Logic Tackle Box Medium
97155Trakker Power Flo Tap
97171Korda Wraps Sun Glasses
97234Fox Edge Tool Set
97390Korda Medium Zig Kit
97467£10 Site Credit
97482£5 Site Credit
97595£10 Site Credit
97596£10 Site Credit
97631Trakker Armolife BBQ
97702Korda Medium Zig Kit
97764ESP Boilie Pult
97923£10 Site Credit
98003Parker Baits Day Session Pack
98015Carp Life Multi Needle
980904kg Mainline Zig Mix
98180£5 Site Credit
98362£10 Site Credit
98379Fox Edge Tool Set
98603NGT 21 USB Light & Power Bank
98831Trakker USB Bivvy Fan
98861Parker Baits Any 5 Flat Spots Bundle
99070Solar Tackle Hotspot Heat Cushion
991691kg CC Moore Pro Stim Liver Pellet
99230£5 Site Credit
99470£5 Site Credit
99494NGT 21 USB Light & Power Bank
99659£20 AD Egift Card
997051kg CC Moore Pro Stim Liver Pellet
998141 x Smidge Mosquito Repellent
99939Fox Marker Wrap Sticks
1023⭐🐣Golden Egg Hunt FREE ENTRY Into Easter Hunt Bunlde🐣 Matt W.
3356⭐3 x Korda Kaizen Platinum Rods Guy H.
14652⭐Delkim TXI-D Presentation Set Cameron L.
17544⭐Apple Ipad 2022 Edition Kai M.
29033⭐Trakker SLX 150 Bivvy Ryan C.
30806⭐Carp Porter Big Boy Barrow Or £270 Cash JeFf🤞 H.
31552⭐Nash Titan Hide Camo Pro Chris R.
38502⭐Trakker Tempest 100T Kate F.
38974⭐Fox Micron MX 3 Rod Set Tim E.
39366⭐Korda Spring Bow Landing Net Leigh P.
39643⭐Deeper Pro 2 Dean R.
43243⭐Fox Black Label QR 3 Rod Pod Ian B.
50483⭐3 x Nash Dwarf Big Pit Reels Luke B.
64134⭐3 x Delkim EVD Alarms (Any Colour) Craig D.
65090Fox Bivvy Table ⭐ JeFf🤞 H.
65424Avid Carp Revive Unhooking Matt ⭐ Al S.
65855Trakker N2 Chest Waders ⭐ Ian E.
66066Avid Carp Bivvy Organiser ⭐ Nathan S.
66137Actor Bait Boat ⭐ Ross B.
68670Trakker N2 Chest Waders ⭐ Julie H.
69110Trakker N2 Chest Waders ⭐ JeFf🤞 H.
69920Fox Halo 27k Power Pack⭐ Nigel R.
70018Trakker Weigh Tripod⭐ Ross B.
70927Trakker RLX Bedchair Seat⭐ Ryan C.
73092Reuben Heaton Team England Scales⭐ Al S.
73234Fox Halo 27k Power Pack⭐ Al S.
75334Nash Weigh Tripod⭐ Dean R.
76022Korda Digital Scales⭐ Al S.
79435Ridge Monkey Boilie Crusher⭐ Jay J.
79979Trakker T1 Retention Sling⭐ Julie H.
79993Ridge Monkey Boilie Crusher⭐ Wayne S.
80554Nash Weigh Tripod⭐ Jamie P.
81688Wolf Compact Porta Loo⭐ John K.
83903Avid Carp Revive Unhooking Matt⭐ Cameron L.
84629Nash Tackle Weigh Sling⭐ Reece L.
84637£50 Mystery Box⭐ Richard G.
85083Trakker N2 Chest Waders⭐ John K.
85242Ridge Monkey Boilie Crusher⭐ Ian B.
85830Avid Carp Bivvy Organiser⭐ Ann m.
87336Wolf Compact Porta Loo⭐ Ian B.
88002Nash Tackle Weigh Sling⭐ Jamie Y.
88004Fox Halo 27k Power Pack⭐ Al S.
89957OMC Fade Chopstix PVA Mesh System⭐ Martin Y.
90325Corus 18m Baiting Pole⭐ Luke B.
90979£50 Mystery Box⭐ William B.
91143Ridge Monkey Toilet⭐ shane b.
91158Korda Dark Kamo Cookware Bag⭐ Dean R.
91332Nash Weigh Tripod⭐ Gareth T.
91675Carp Life Multi Needle⭐ Mike (.
91695Korda Compac Duffel Bag⭐ Richard G.
92357Corus 18m Baiting Pole⭐ John K.
92666Nash Tackle 3 Rod Pod⭐ Martin Y.
92957Ridge Monkey Toilet⭐ Luke B.
94286Nash Tackle Weigh Sling⭐ Shane W.
95677Reuben Heaton Team England Scales⭐ 🍀🦄 J.
97033Trakker Weigh Tripod⭐ captain k.
650011kg DNA Bug Pellets Luke B.
65095£5 Site Credit Wayne S.
654742 x Korda Goo's Al S.
65721£10 Site Credit Darren A.
66022£5 Site Credit Jamie P.
66489Wolf Mozzi Zappa Jason E.
66650£10 Site Credit Neal M.
66702£5 Site Credit Tom H.
67071£10 Site Credit Alan S.
67077Wolf Mozzi Zappa Richard G.
67124£20 AD Egift Card Matt W.
67249Wolf PowerBeam 150 Headtorch Mike (.
6755310 x Korda Pre Tied Rigs Cameron L.
676484kg Mainline Zig Mix Louie R.
67819£5 Site Credit Daniel T.
678621kg CC Moore Pro Stim Liver Pellet Hadrian F.
68225£10 Site Credit Christopher d.
68439Nash 5L Water Container Jamie P.
684451kg CC Moore Pro Stim Liver Pellet Jamie P.
68476Trakker Power Flo Tap John K.
68737£10 Site Credit Daniel T.
69345Trakker Power Flo Tap Leigh P.
69550Trakker Power Flo Tap Ryan A.
69562£5 Site Credit Richard G.
69695Ridge Monkey 10L Collapsible Bucket Jay J.
69766NGT 21 USB Light & Power Bank Richard G.
70076Parker Baits Sample Pack & Sticker Pack Michael A.
70389Trakker Power Flo Tap Dean A.
70751Fox Edge Tool Set Peter B.
70827Ridge Monkey SQ DLX Plate Set Andy G.
70892£20 AD Egift Card simon h.
70902£10 Site Credit Julie H.
70975Trakker Power Flo Tap Wayne S.
71022Fortis Polarised Phone Filter Ian S.
715211kg DNA Bug Pellets Karl W.
71555Korda Compac Duffel Bag Richard G.
72052Ridge Monkey 10L Collapsible Bucket Daren W.
72360£10 Site Credit Steven R.
72392NGT 21 USB Light & Power Bank Jamie P.
72525Carp Life Multi Needle Doulton B.
72636Ridge Monkey Toilet JeFf🤞 H.
72959Trakker Power Flo Tap JeFf🤞 H.
73584Trakker Power Flo Tap Greg M.
73608Fox Brew Kit Ellis O.
741471 x Korda Kamakura Hooks Glyn G.
74726Parker Baits Super Charged Hookbaits Bundle Al S.
75182£10 Site Credit Ian B.
75418Fox Marker Wrap Sticks Matthew C.
75511£5 Site Credit Stuart C.
75631Korda Medium Zig Kit Lord D.
75669CC Moore Yellow Halo Liquid Jason E.
75916Fox Camolite Pillow Dale G.
76025Fox Camolite Pillow Mark A.
76119£5 Site Credit Mike (.
77217£5 Site Credit Mark A.
77740Carp Life Bird Torch John K.
78218Fortis Polarised Phone Filter Charlie S.
78710£10 Site Credit Nathan S.
7898210 x Korda Pre Tied Rigs Jamie P.
79055£10 Site Credit Ian B.
79195£5 Site Credit shane b.
79402RidgeMonkey Hot Water Bottle XL Al S.
80048£5 Site Credit Hadrian F.
80430RidgeMonkey Multi Charge Cable 2M JeFf🤞 H.
80491Korda Dark Kamo Cookware Bag Daniel T.
81061£10 Site Credit Doulton B.
81222£10 Site Credit Rob H.
81279£10 Site Credit Ross B.
81425£10 Site Credit Ryan C.
81484£5 Site Credit Julie H.
81548Fox Brew Kit Ann m.
81728£10 Site Credit Matt W.
82049Wolf Mozzi Zappa John K.
82313£5 Site Credit Mark J.
82356Fox Marker Wrap Sticks Luke B.
82396£5 Site Credit Reece L.
828481kg CC Moore Pro Stim Liver Pellet Cameron L.
830011 x Mainline Smart Liquid Gordon F.
83279£10 Site Credit nicky d.
84075£5 Site Credit John K.
84094Parker Baits Sample Pack & Sticker Pack Ian B.
84820RidgeMonkey Multi Charge Cable 2M Ben M.
84845Parker Baits Sample Pack & Sticker Pack Tom H.
85664Parker Baits Day Session Pack Dean R.
86117£10 Site Credit John K.
86793£10 Site Credit jake j.
87077RidgeMonkey Hot Water Bottle XL Keith R.
87325£5 Site Credit Richard G.
87511NGT 21 USB Light & Power Bank Ian B.
87913£10 Site Credit Leigh P.
87953Fox Edge Tool Set Mike (.
88234Trakker USB Bivvy Fan Matt L.
88400Ridge Monkey 10L Collapsible Bucket Al S.
88407£10 Site Credit Liam B.
88526Nash 5L Water Container John K.
88899Ridge Monkey SQ DLX Plate Set Daniel T.
89194£5 Site Credit John K.
89509Fox Brew Kit Matt W.
89987Parker Baits Sample Pack & Sticker Pack Dougie F.
90010£5 Site Credit Les J.
90093£10 Site Credit Luke B.
90666Korda Medium Zig Kit Daniel B.
90797£10 Site Credit Al S.
90971£5 Site Credit Karl W.
91008Fox Marker Wrap Sticks John K.
91080CC Moore Yellow Halo Liquid Richard G.
91247£10 Site Credit Scott T.
91331£5 Site Credit Daniel L.
91531£5 Site Credit Richard G.
91583Parker Baits Day Session Pack Michelle H.
91602Korda Medium Zig Kit Jay J.
91730Fox Edge Tool Set Ellis O.
91847£5 Site Credit Jeffrey B.
92607Nash 5L Water Container John K.
92652£5 Site Credit John K.
928141 x Smidge Mosquito Repellent Julie H.
92950NGT Shelf Take Tripod Kit Jason S.
93072Trakker Power Flo Tap Dean R.
9323910 x Korda Pre Tied Rigs Jamie P.
93297£5 Site Credit Ross B.
932991 x Smidge Mosquito Repellent Al S.
93323Trakker Armolife BBQ Luke I.
93401Avid Carp Revive Unhooking Matt Julie H.
93636Nash Moonshine Microlite Headtorch Conner D.
945671kg CC Moore Pro Stim Liver Pellet JeFf🤞 H.
94624Fox Marker Wrap Sticks Roger V.
94743Fox Marker Wrap Sticks Doulton B.
94812£10 Site Credit Luke B.
94814Avid Carp Revive Unhooking Matt Darren A.
94853Fortis Polarised Phone Filter Jason E.
95453RidgeMonkey Hot Water Bottle XL Mark J.
96196£5 Site Credit Matt W.
96491£10 Site Credit Al S.
97352£10 Site Credit Matt L.
97475£10 Site Credit Richard G.
98369Trakker USB Bivvy Fan Tom D.
983754kg Mainline Zig Mix Jamie P.
98542Fox Camolite Pillow Ian S.
98630£10 Site Credit susan k.
98639£5 Site Credit Stuart C.
99211£5 Site Credit Matt W.
996851 x Smidge Mosquito Repellent Mike (.
999621 x Smidge Mosquito Repellent Cameron L.
99971RidgeMonkey Multi Charge Cable 2M JeFf🤞 H.
Total Prizes: 751
Total Winners: 200

This competition is open to UK residents aged 18 or over.

You may enter this competition up to 1000 times.

You will be randomly allocated your ticket number(s) when ordering and you will receive an email confirmation.

The total amount of tickets for this competition is (99999).

If all tickets do not sell out, the draw will happen on April 26, 2024 regardless.

You must answer the competition question correctly to be entered into the live draw. Incorrect entries will not be notified or entered into the live draw.

You may enter the competition online or for free by post by sending your entry to UK Carp Tech Ltd. on a postcard. You must have an account on UK Carp Tech Ltd. for your entry to be processed. All details on your entry MUST correspond to the details on your account to receive the order confirmation and ticket number. Postal entries received without a registered account cannot be processed.

The live draw will take place on the UK Carp Tech Ltd. Facebook page using Google’s random number generator to select the winning ticket number from all Entrants.

This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook, Apple or Google. By entering the competitions, Entrants agree that neither Facebook, Apple, nor Google have any liability and are not responsible for the administration or promotion of this competition.

How many times can I enter this competition?

You can enter this competition up to 1000 times.

How do I get my number?

Once your order has been placed your ticket number(s) will be randomly allocated and will show on your order confirmation. They will also be emailed to you, and will be available in the my account area.

How is the winner chosen?

The draw is done live on Facebook using a random number generator to determine the winning ticket number. You’ll be contacted directly if you have won.

Can the draw date change?

If all the entries are sold sooner the draw will be brought forward. Keep updated on the confirmed draw date via our Facebook page and website.