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20kg CC Moore Mixed Boilie Bundle

Win A 20kg Mix Of CC Moore Boilies £1.30

£1.30 per entry

Entries Only £1.30

Max entries: 225

Max 15 per person

Tickets sold: 223

223 225
  • Live Draw: 29/06/2022
  • Prize is won regardless of sell out.
  • Draws are all held live on our facebook page.
  • Draw will be brought forward in the event of a early sell out.

Please be patient. We are waiting for some orders to be paid!

What is CC Moore Known For?

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Choose any boilie type, bait size and shape and get two 10kg bags of boilies

Boilie options:

  • Live System
  • Odyssey XXX
  • Pacific Tuna

Bait size and shape options:

  • 10mm Freezer Baits or Shelf Life Baits
  • 15mm Freezer Baits or Shelf Life Baits
  • 18mm Freezer Baits or Shelf Life Baits
  • 24mm Shelf Life Baits
  • 10x15mm Freezer Bait Dumbells or Shelf Life Dumbells

Good Luck & Happy Carping!

When does the competition close?

The competition closes when the timer is finished or all tickets have sold. All our competitions are guaranteed to be drawn within 7-10 days excluding vans and holiday’s. You can also find information on upcoming draws on our Facebook page at the top in the pinned post.

If i win, How long will it take for my prize to be delivered?

Your prize will be delivered within 3-14 days of the winner being announced in some cases it will be hand delivered by a UK Carp Tech team member.

Are the winners drawn totally random?

Yes, UK Carp Tech guarantee that the winners draw is totally random and nothing can influence the outcome of a live draw. We use googles random number which is used by a number of different lottery and raffle sites. its a third party site that we have no control over what so ever googles random number generator is the leading site for random lottery and raffle draws. Please fill free to head over there and check it out.

How many tickets am i allowed to have in one draw?

Maximum tickets per competition are stated in the description. We do this so we can make sure there is plenty of tickets available for all users.

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Yes definitely very good admin and fast response with low prices

Barry Binet
Barry Binet

Great site and very helpful in answering any questions you have great guys 😀

Caroline Hoath
Caroline Hoath

great site some good competition to be won for great prices just bought a couple tickets hope i win🎣🎣

Kevin Honey-smith
Kevin Honey-smith

Highly recommend UK Carp Tech, brilliant site with some great lads behind the scenes! A fair chance to win some great gear!

Richard Eley
Richard Eley

great site with brilliant competitions at great prices👍

Stephen Leighton
Stephen Leighton

excellent chance of winning superb prizes well worth it

Paul Stephens
Paul Stephens

Great site with great prizes, well worth the ticket price for the chance at some expensive gear. Still need my first win but better odds than the lottery and who needs millions when you can have carp gear. Cheers lads.

Phill Brace
Phill Brace

epic prizes, really good odds, really nice friendly guys. couldn't recommend highly enough 👍👍

Darren Ward
Darren Ward

Roy and Alex are great, enjoy a laugh. Have won several prizes and the prizes are superb quality and ticket prices aren't to expensive. Keep up the awesome job 👏

Neil Gowen
Neil Gowen