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Full Fox Setup

1 Ticket Gives You 121 Chances To Win!

£1.99 per entry

Entries Only £1.99

Max entries: 15000

Max 1500 per person

Tickets sold: 10978

10978 15000
  • Live Draw: 07/10/2022
  • Prize is won regardless of sell out.
  • Draws are all held live on our facebook page.
  • Draw will be brought forward in the event of a early sell out.

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Welcome to this INSTANT win competition for this full fox setup only £1.99 ticket. There are 120 Instant win prizes to be won at the checkout!

whats included in this setup is the following:

  • 1 x Fox Frontier Bivvy
  • 3 x Fox Horizon X3 Abbreviated Rods
  • 1 x 3 Fox Micron Presentation Set
  • 1 x Fox R-series Camo Sleep System
  • 3 x Fox Eos 12,000 Reels
  • 1 x Fox Eos 1 Chair
  • 1 x Fox Carp Master Cradle XL
  • 1 x Fox Explorer Landing Net
  • 1 x Fox R-series Rucksack
  • 1 x Fox R-series Barrow Bag
  • 1 x Fox R-series 12ft Rod Bag
  • 1 x Fox Halo 48k Power Pack
  • 1 x Fox R-series Compact Rigid Lead & Bits Bag
  • 1 x Fox Heat Transfer Kettle
  • 1 x Fox Accessory Bag
  • 1 x Fox Digital Scales
  • 1 x Fox Heat Transfer Stove
  • 1 x Fox Halo Headtorch
  • 1 x Fox Eos 3 Rod Pod
  • Huge Selection Of Fox End Tackle!


  1. 3 x Shimano XTD Mags – Ticket 9375
  2. New Direction Bait Boat 1 – Ticket 12387
  3. New Direction Bait Boat 1 – Ticket 1168
  4. Trakker Aquatex Bivvy – Ticket 4215
  5. £500 Cash – Ticket 590
  6. £500 Cash – Ticket 6866
  7. Fox Frontier Bivvy – Ticket 10097
  8. Golden Ball Spin – Ticket 1203
  9. Free Spirit CTX Rods – Ticket 5521
  10. MF60 Fold Sleep System – Ticket 13376
  11. Ridge Monkey Hunter Boat – Ticket 13582
  12. 3 x Delkim TXI d & Receiver – Ticket 5555
  13. Deeper Pro 2 & Scales – Ticket 5517
  14. 3 x Shimano Ultegra Reels – Ticket 3229
  15. DJI Mini 2 Drone – Ticket 1516
  16. £300 Ridge Cookware Bundle – Ticket 8615
  17. £300 Robbos Voucher – Ticket 4949
  18. Nash Bush Whacker – Ticket 14444
  19. Century Carbon Landing Net – Ticket 8154
  20. Carp Porter Tri Porter Barrow – Ticket 4266
Korda original PVA mesh kit 387
£500 Cash 590
Spomb Single bucket stand kit 742
Fox needle set 744
Reel candle mozzi candle 836
NGT electric boilie grinder 850
Korda compac camera bog medium 894
Cygnet large carryall 926
RM ruggage standard accessory medium 1010
New Direction Bait Boat 1 1168
Golden Ball Spin 1203
Cygnet braid scissors 1274
Korda digital scales 1435
DJI Mini 2 Drone 1516
RM Q-lock utensils set 1584
Trakker bug blaster 1894
Nash pouch small 1972
Korda subline mono 2012
Fox camolite net float 2213
RM nuggets session pack 2499
Cygnet braid scissors 2512
Korda zig box 2612
Cygnet spod/marker braid 2629
Fox camolite Large air dry/hookbait bag 2857
Korda Tackle Safe 3053
Korda touchdown mono 3092
Avid retracta tool set 3120
Trakker bug blaster 3184
RM hand towel 3200
3 x Shimano Ultegra 14000 Reels 3229
Korda compac 125 green 3288
Korda kutter 3585
Korda zig box 3655
Nash bolt machine 4068
Trakker Aquatex Bivvy 4215
Korda boilie PVA mesh kit 4229
Carp Porter Tri Porter Barrow 4266
Korda boom tube 4401
Korda longchuck mono 4706
Korda compac 100 kamo 4737
RM bivvy lite elite IR 4849
£300 Robbos Voucher 4949
Korda combi rig safe 4958
RM thermo mug 4984
RM modular hookbaits pot 4989
Korda compac organiser 5249
Avid outline mono 5359
Nash bolt machine 5384
Cygnet spod/marker braid 5443
Deeper Pro 2 & Scales 5517
Free Spirit CTX Rods 5521
3 x Delkim TXI d & Receiver 5555
Korda compac air dry large 5604
ESP Syncro XT mono 5688
Fox camolite Rigid lead/bits bag 5705
Cygnet spod/marker braid 5723
Reel candle mozzi candle 6020
ESP PVA mesh kit 25mm 6038
Fox halo multicoloured headtorch 6177
RM DLX cutlery set 6275
RM thermo mug 6440
Cygnet PVA mesh kit 37mm 6527
Cygnet braid scissors 6752
£500 Cash 6866
ESP PVA mesh kit 20mm 7070
Fox PVA mesh kit narrow 7087
Wychwood tactical essentials bag 7317
RM ruggage compact 80 case 7420
Fox double rig box system medium 7719
Century Carbon Landing Net 8154
ESP PVA mesh kit 32mm 8235
Nash net float large 8394
RM nuggets session pack 8450
£300 Ridge Monkey Cookware Bundle 8615
3 x Shimano XTD Mags 9375
RM Q-lock utensils set 9428
Fox camolite boilie bum bag 9560
Nash large pouch 9579
Cygnet PVA mesh kit 25mm 9805
Korda mini rig safe 9814
Avid net and sling stink bag XL 9997
Fox Frontier Bivvy 10097
Nash brew kit bag 10102
Nash rig pouch 10107
ESP syncro XT loaded mono 10499
Avid compound small pouch 10572
Korda bait drill kit 10944
Nash zig pouch 11067
RM nuggets session pack 11071
Nash stiffened lead pouch 11108
Nash bolt machine 11242
Nash hot water bottle 11486
Fox Rapide PVA bag kit 11559
Fox camolite accessory bag medium 11573
RM compact sandwich toaster 11818
Korda compac 200 green 11824
Fox aqous EVA accessory large 11957
Avid retracta tool kit 12035
New Direction Bait Boat 1 12387
Korda compac 140 kamo 12519
RM ruggage compact accessory 330 12523
RM VRH300X headtorch 12790
RM multi lite plus 12987
RM needle set 13180
RM PCA mesh kit boilie 13373
MF60 Fold Sleep System 13376
Ridge Monkey Hunter Bait Boat 13582
Nash bolt machine 13600
Fox PVA mesh kit wide 13655
RM nuggets session pack 13788
Cygnet bits pouch 13902
RM DLX cutlery set 14105
Fox Aqous EVA medium bag 14146
RM VRH300X headtorch 14234
Cygnet braid scissors 14373
Nash Bush Whacker 14444
Reuben Specimen hunter 120lb scale 14471
Nash bolt machine 14688
Fox exocet mono 14811
Cygnet braid scissors 14925

Good Luck & Happy Carping!

When does the competition close?

The competition closes when the timer is finished or all tickets have sold. All our competitions are guaranteed to be drawn within 7-10 days excluding vans and holiday’s. You can also find information on upcoming draws on our Facebook page at the top in the pinned post.

If i win, How long will it take for my prize to be delivered?

Your prize will be delivered within 3-14 days of the winner being announced in some cases it will be hand delivered by a UK Carp Tech team member.

Are the winners drawn totally random?

Yes, UK Carp Tech guarantee that the winners draw is totally random and nothing can influence the outcome of a live draw. We use googles random number which is used by a number of different lottery and raffle sites. its a third party site that we have no control over what so ever googles random number generator is the leading site for random lottery and raffle draws. Please fill free to head over there and check it out.

How many tickets am i allowed to have in one draw?

Maximum tickets per competition are stated in the description. We do this so we can make sure there is plenty of tickets available for all users.

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Great set of lads and great site with some amazing things to be won for less then a bag of chips

Adam kent
Adam kent

great site some good competition to be won for great prices just bought a couple tickets hope i win🎣🎣

Kevin Honey-smith
Kevin Honey-smith

Roy and Alex are great, enjoy a laugh. Have won several prizes and the prizes are superb quality and ticket prices aren't to expensive. Keep up the awesome job 👏

Neil Gowen
Neil Gowen

Roy & Alex are nice guys and run a good website. which is easy to use and dose not cost a fortune to enter with really nice fishing tackle for all levels. i have been lucky to win a few including a weekend break. keep up the good work guys

Chris Childs
Chris Childs

Highly recommend UK Carp Tech, brilliant site with some great lads behind the scenes! A fair chance to win some great gear!

Richard Eley
Richard Eley

I have been using and watching this comp site for about a year and half now and it had helped me build my fishing gear up to where i want it and i have had alot of wins. I watch it every time the live draws are on. weather i have tickets in them or not it is a great site and so much banter and fun too it is a fishing family community and prices on the comps are great prices one of my latest big wins was a top of range bait boat which i only had 1 ticket on so winning a bait boat for around £1.50 is a great win all in all if you are looking to build your set up to a high stranded at cheap way to do it why not get in a few draws as you have to be in it to win it this is a growing site and Roy and Alex who run it are so helpful with any questions you mite have for them once you watch it you will be hooked and it will be well worth it if you looking to upgrade or even a beginner

Captain Kirk
Captain Kirk

Great couple of lads very informative and easy to talk to keep up the good work guys

Callum Blythe
Callum Blythe

Top lads, great prizes, low prices and the draws are funny as f*** with plenty of banter. Prizes delivered within a few days. Give it a go, got to be in it to win it! 🤞🏞🎣🎣

Adm Rogers
Adm Rogers

Great bunch of lads over at Uk Carp Tech offer great prizes at great prices 💥🎣

Gary Mason
Gary Mason