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Full Nash Scope Setup & 100 Instant Wins

Still 16 Of The Top 20 Prizes There Look In Description!

£1.99 per entry

Entries Only £1.99

Max entries: 15000

Max 1500 per person

Tickets sold: 9961

9961 15000
  • Live Draw: 23/12/2022
  • Prize is won regardless of sell out.
  • Draws are all held live on our facebook page.
  • Draw will be brought forward in the event of a early sell out.

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What Do Nash Sell?


Welcome To This Competition For This Full Nash Scope Setup & there is 100 instant win prizes at the checkout to be won! Buying 1 ticket in this competition gives you 101 chances of winning a prize!

Here Is What’s Included In The Main Prize Scope Setup:

  • 3 x Nash Scope 10ft Abbreviated Rods
  • 3 x Nash Dwarf Big Pit Reels
  • 3 x Nash S5R Alarms & Receiver 
  • 1 x Nash Titan Hide XL
  • 1 x Titan Hide XL Groundsheet
  • 1 x Titan Hide XL Mozzi Panel
  • 1 x Nash Tackle Carp Cradle
  • 1 x Nash 3 Rod Pod
  • 1 x Nash Tackle Sleep System
  • 1 x Nash Scope Ops Rucksack
  • 1 x Nash Ultra Lite Chair
  • Nash Tackle Box With PVA & End Tackle
  • A Selection Of Nash Bait With Dot Spod
  • 1 x Nash Weigh Tri-Pod
  • 3 x Nash Luggage Pouch
  • 1 x Nash Moonshine Multi Light
  • 1 x Nash Scope Double Rod Skin
  • 1 x Nash Scope Single Rod Skin
  • 1 x Avid Double Decker Bivvy Organiser 
  • Ridge Monkey Cookware Bundle
  • 3 x Nash Bobbins
  • 1 x Reuben Heaton Sclaes


  1. 3 x Basair Mag Sealed Reels – Ticket 2429
  2. Nash Power Barrow – Ticket – 12636
  3. Ridge Monkey XF1 Bivvy – Ticket 3881
  4. Fox RX Alarm’s – Ticket 11394
  5. £1000 Site Credit – Ticket 870
  6. Ridge Monkey Hunter Boat – Ticket 5615
  7. Fox Frontier – Ticket 6114
  8. Gold Ball Spin – Ticket 2511
  9. £500 Cash – Ticket 8420
  10. 3 Delkim Txi D’s & Receiver – Ticket 695
  11. Nash Titan T1 Bivvy – Ticket 6614
  12. Mf60 Compact Sleep System – Ticket 7222
  13. £400 Korda Bundle – Ticket 532
  14. Shimano 5500 XTD Reel’s – Ticket 14679
  15. Lake Reaper Bait Boat – Ticket 3396
  16. 2 Night Break Mill Lodge – Ticket 13563
  17. £500 Site Credit – Ticket 8357
  18. Actor Bait Boat – Ticket 8192
  19. Bushwhacker Pro Baiting Pole – Ticket 6516
  20. Deeper Pro Sonar – Ticket 11409

Here Is The Full List Of INSTANT Wins

Korda compac 150 green 31
RM Qlok utensils set 170
Korda compac 125 kamo 226
Avid Tech pack 252
Trakker bug blaster 334
Nash microlite headtorch 383
£400 Korda Bundle 532
RM disperse nuggets 685
3 Delkim Txi D’s & Receiver 695
Avid lok down weigh tripod 699
RM mug 708
£1000 Site Credit 870
Fox PVA mesh system 1190
Nash stiffened lead pouch 1357
Korda Krimp tool 1454
Nash Zig pouch 1537
Korda krimp tool 1622
Mainline smart liquid 1641
Mainline Smart liquid 1833
RM disperse nuggets 1957
Avid retracta tool set 1984
Cygnet PVA pouch 2216
Korda Subline green mon 2299
Korda compac 200 kamo 2396
3 x Basair Mag Sealed Z45 Qd Reels 2429
Gold Ball Spin 2511
Wychwood crimp tool 2658
Cygnet gas cover 2966
Avid outline mono 3366
Lake Reaper Bait Boat 3396
Fox Aquos camo medium bait storage 3499
RM mug 3622
Mainline smart liquid 3856
Nash tackle pouch 3878
Ridge Monkey XF1 Bivvy 3881
RM mini pan and griddle set 4107
Fox Aquos camo accessory bag large 4191
Nash microlite headtorch 4561
Fox needle set 5172
Nash pouch set 5427
Wychwood multi tool 5464
Ridge Monkey Hunter Boat 5615
Nash medium pouch 5856
Fox Frontier 6114
RM disperse nuggets 6291
Trakker Bug blaster 6450
Bushwhacker Pro Baiting Pole 6516
Nash Titan T1 Bivvy 6614
ESP Mesh system 25mm 6962
Powapacs DAB pro radio 7026
Korda goo 7166
Mf60 Compact Sleep System 7222
RM choppa 20 7471
RM Ruggage large carryall 7542
RM bowl set 7782
Korda touchdown green mono 7929
Actor Bait Boat 8192
Cygnet PVA pouch 8221
RM compact sandwich toaster 8222
RM cutlery set 8294
£500 Site Credit 8357
£500 Cash 8420
Cygnet large carryall 8910
Trakker Bug blaster 9046
RM hot water bottle 9334
Cygnet cool bag 9741
ESP Syncro loaded mono 10077
RM classic toaster XL 10092
RM small kettle 10124
Korda compac 140 green 10534
Cygnet Easylift weigh bar 10685
RM disperse nuggets 10968
Fox RX Alarm’s 11394
Deeper Pro Sonar 11409
Korda Touchdown Brown mono 11498
Nash large pouch 11633
Korda bait drill 11759
RM classic toaster XL 11985
ESP braid scissors 12363
Mainline smart liquid 12396
RM Armoury tackle box 12429
Cygnet lead pouch 12590
Nash Power Barrow 12636
Avid retracta tool set 13031
RM braid blades 13163
Korda longchuck mono 13178
Korda compac 100 green 13205
Korda goo 13206
Korda goo 13243
Weekend Break At Mill Lodge 13563
RM bowl set 13770
Powapacs DAB pro radio 14165
Nash microlite headtorch 14339
Nash Rig pouch 14456
Nash wash bag 14606
Nash security pouch large 14645
3 x Shimano 5500 XTD Reel’s 14679
Fox needle set 14882
RM cutlery set 14935
RM quad stove pro 14976


When does the competition close?

The competition closes when the timer is finished or all tickets have sold. All our competitions are guaranteed to be drawn within 7-10 days excluding vans and holiday’s. You can also find information on upcoming draws on our Facebook page at the top in the pinned post.

If i win, How long will it take for my prize to be delivered?

Your prize will be delivered within 3-14 days of the winner being announced in some cases it will be hand delivered by a UK Carp Tech team member.

Are the winners drawn totally random?

Yes, UK Carp Tech guarantee that the winners draw is totally random and nothing can influence the outcome of a live draw. We use googles random number which is used by a number of different lottery and raffle sites. its a third party site that we have no control over what so ever googles random number generator is the leading site for random lottery and raffle draws. Please fill free to head over there and check it out.

How many tickets am i allowed to have in one draw?

Maximum tickets per competition are stated in the description. We do this so we can make sure there is plenty of tickets available for all users.

Customer Reviews

We have thousands of happy users who win carp fishing prizes on a weekly basis!

Brilliant web site and idea, simple to do and mega prizes to be won for a fraction of the price, 3 things won so far and helped my fishing set up out immensely! Keep up the good work guys

Ceiran Linton-Bird
Ceiran Linton-Bird

Great prize, great fun ... I would recommend to everybody to try their luck..

Leszek Lex
Leszek Lex

Great competitions, fantastic value for quality products. Always banter throughout the live draws. Would recommend it to all fishing lovers. Tight lines.

Matt hughes
Matt hughes

Top lads, great prizes, low prices and the draws are funny as f*** with plenty of banter. Prizes delivered within a few days. Give it a go, got to be in it to win it! 🤞🏞🎣🎣

Adm Rogers
Adm Rogers

Highly recommend UK Carp Tech, brilliant site with some great lads behind the scenes! A fair chance to win some great gear!

Richard Eley
Richard Eley

Great site with great prizes, well worth the ticket price for the chance at some expensive gear. Still need my first win but better odds than the lottery and who needs millions when you can have carp gear. Cheers lads.

Phill Brace
Phill Brace

Really happy with my Nash Daddy Long Leg Chair. Can’t wait to get it onto the bank. Cheers lads and thanks for contacting me to let me know. The delivery was first class and arrived as you said. Looking forward to winning more good equipment. 👏🏻👏🏻👍

John Stone
John Stone

Great bunch of lads over at Uk Carp Tech offer great prizes at great prices 💥🎣

Gary Mason
Gary Mason

Great site with some great prizes to go for at reasonable prices per ticket keep up the good work

Neil Carphunter Sansford
Neil Carphunter Sansford